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Guitar Tabs 2 Notes

Transposes Guitar Chord Tabs into Notes on a Treble Stave

Ever wondered what notes the guitarist in your band is playing? Or maybe you're a keyboard player and you've only got a guitar tab and you need some notes fast? If so, then this app is for you!

Show half-notes as : flats (b) | sharps (#)
Show note names : no | yes
Select note size : small | medium | large | very large

Copy and paste your guitar chord tab into the text box, make your selections, then click 'Submit Tab'.

Tabs must contain lines containing guitar chord tabs in the format '52x322' (or '5 2 x 3 2 2' or '52x 3 2 2' or similar) where the tab represents a guitar strung 'EADGBE', but may contain other text also.

For a sample test tab, click here.

Coming Soon! - the bottom 2 or 3 three strings on a bass stave, transposition of 'horizontal' tabs (---5--- etc), and other stuff.